About us

FERRALIA GROUP encompasses the partner companies FERRALLAS ALBACETE, S. A., COFEMA, S. A. and GESTIÓN FERRALLA, S. L., which were founded in 1978 and have, as a main activity the supply, elaboration and assembly of reinforcement steel for structural concrete.

Since its beginning FERRALIA GROUP has participates and colaborated in many of the most important projects of the country, becoming a leader and benchmark of the sector. The situation and capacity of distribution of our production centers allow us to serve to our clients, nationally and internationally, carrying out and performing projects of any kind.

The innovation, the compromise with the society and the personal and professional development of our employees are some of our pillars, through which we have developed a sustainable business plan.

From FERRALIA GROUP we want to thank trust that our clients have given us during all these years. We know that the consolidation of our leadership in the sector and the further growing will only be possible if we continue offering the best solutions and giving a high quality service, efficient and personal.